Overcoming CrossFit injuries ''Staying positive and focused is the key''

KGB Athlete, Aneta Saulichova missed out on her goal of European Regionals this year as a result of injury. As we watch, cheer and support those athletes competing in Copenhagen, here's how one female Athlete has overcome an injury in her own words....



My body made it through 30 years before it experienced its first cracked bone. I consider it quite a success. However, the timing could not be less convenient (if there is such a thing as convenient injury!).

Messing about on my rest day, trying to rebound 30” box jumps and punching the box on the way up, resulted in a spiral fracture in my metacarpal and a damaged knuckle, both in my left hand. This happened one month before The Open started. The Open that I hoped would be my ticket to the Regionals. It was my main goal for 2014. 

My journey through this injury looked something like this:

  1. Denial

Bloody hell it hurts! But it’s ok, look, I can move my hand and fingers. It’s fine. Just a bruise.

  1. Realisation

My left hand has now doubled in size, pain is getting worse and hey, why can’t I grab this mango? Let’s check out the local A&E then.

  1. Desperation

3 weeks in a splint, 6 weeks till the hand is fully healed. What have I done!?! I have no chance of getting through the Open!!! I have just sabotaged a whole year of training!!!

  1. Acceptance

Well, it is what it is. At least it’s my left hand. And at least it’s only a fracture. It could be worse. Let’s work on my engine then.

  1. Hope

Hand is out of the splint, one week till the Open. I can snatch, clean, do strict pull ups....I still have a chance!!!

  1. Fight

Five weeks of battling. Every week I am able to do something new, it appears in a qualifier. I am not giving up!

  1. Reflection

Regionals are not meant to be this year. Considering the circumstances, I can be proud of the result (even though my ego doesn’t agree). Let the road to Regionals 2015 begin.


I managed to stay positive thank to my partner, coach and training buddies. Once I put it into perspective it suddenly didn’t seem so bad. I asked myself a question: How much impact will this little injury have on my life in 5 years’ time? Probably won’t even remember it. Yes, it has spoilt my short term goal, but as my whole life goes, this is just a little bump in the road. I got to do fun stuff that I normally don’t do in my training. I became one-handed ninja. I enjoyed being looked after by my man. But mainly it made me realise how lucky I am to have healthy functioning body.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not all positive. Having a hand in a splint/cast is mostly pain in the ass. And it smells like one, too. Each week during the Open I went through hell when uploading my scores to the leaderboard knowing, that they don’t reflect my true abilities. Week 4 of the Open was probably the hardest one. I had to do well in order to keep my chances of getting through to the Regionals. I was not sitting in the best place but there was still a hope. Unfortunately I was not able to do a single muscle up. I repeated the workout twice with the same result. Even though muscle ups are not one of my strengths, they are not my weakness either. I couldn’t believe that I was not able to do even ONE BLOODY MUSCLE UP! So I had a cry, then some more and then wiped the tears off and enjoyed the last workout without too much pressure. And it was my best performance in the whole 5 weeks. 

Injuries are part of any sport. It’s often about who can train the longest without getting injured. Unless it’s a career ending injury, it is never the end of the world. Sam Briggs is a great example of someone who overcame an injury and became the fittest woman on Earth. Staying positive and focused is the key. Start where you are and what you have, not where you want to be and have, and that way you can be proud of the progress that is being made.


- Aneta Saulichova

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In the true spirit of #KGB and 'Keeps Getting Better' we wish Aneta all the best in her training and coming back stronger and BETTER!

Good luck for the upcoming competitions this year, and we'll be cheering her on at European Regionals 2015!!



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