Failure is a Bruise Tee

Failure is a Bruise, it is not a Tattoo!! Could you get any closer to our ethos than that. Bruises are not permanent, Failures are there to learn from, so learn from them and get back up. Printed on our soft Bamboo tees.

FABRIC: 70% Bamboo Viscose / 30% Organic Cotton

SIZE: This is is considered a Unisex garment, sizes are approx and based on chest size

38" M 40" 42.5" XL 45"

WASH AND CARE: To preserve the print and the garment, we advise washing no higher then 30 degrees and to hang dry. Due to the print process after the first wash the intensity of the print will differ slightly, which will leave behind a soft print that is dyed into the fabric, also if there is a slight odour this will also be due to the print process and will disappear after the first wash.



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