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If you have your ear to the ground in the Strength and conditioning world then you've probably heard of our client we have chosen to put the spotlight on in this post.

Chet Morjaria is the owner of Strength Education and an assistant editor for Breaking muscle. In short he is passionate about strength training, its concepts and how to teach coaches, athletes and everyday people how to get strong effectively and safely through seminars, coaching and mentoring. The guy knows his stuff and is a damn fine fellow to boot. 

Check his company Strength Education and his work with Breaking Muscle HERE.

Strength Education


Ok to the main focus of this article. Chet required a new logo for Strength Education as he didn't have a specific logo for his business and required one to help with the new direction and services he was providing through Strength Education, as we all know a Strong Logo is essential, its usually the first thing people associate with your company and you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Firstly Chet is one of those dream clients, even though he didn't know exactly what he wanted he knew how to get there. Clear design brief and half a dozen short and to the point Skype calls later we took a concept and some ideas into a strong logo which shows anyone who lay's their eyes on it exactly what Strength Education is about.


To give you an idea of the design progress below is a picture of the work in progress screen shot from our designers computer to show how the design evolved.



It's also nice to get good feedback tom a client here is a testimonial from Chet Morjaria.


I first came across these guys when I'd put a shout out for help with an extremely urgent Strength Education project I had. Andy and Rick both contacted me and went out of their way to help me with no ulterior motive.

That set the tone, and as I spoke with them more, it was clear that this was a team who I had a lot in common with - creating connections, building long-term relationships, and working damn hard to meet and exceed customer requirements.

I asked them to design a new Strength Education logo, and they worked through a comprehensive design process to make sure I ended up with exactly what I wanted - even though I wasn't entirely sure what that was to begin with!

I'm very happy with the final result and have received loads of positive feedback on the new logo.

Thanks KGB Customs!


If you are looking for a logo whether it is your first or you are looking for a rebrand then get in touch with us and let us put your thoughts and ideas into reality.


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