The KGB Story

As humans in life we are always being told we need to keep getting better, it's rarely used as a positive, it's negative! Like you're not quite good enough. That you aren't quite hitting the mark, you're never quite there, and have got so far to go.


But that’s just not the case.


Each small progression, each target reached, every little weight put on the bar, every 0.1s shaved off or 1lbs lost or gained is an awesome achievement!


That's why we say "KEEPS GETTING BETTER"


“Keeps getting better” is your declaration to yourself. A declaration and acknowledgement that it's your choices and your actions alone that will push you beyond your limits, driving you down the path of continuing success towards your goals, whatever they may be. 



Only you can take control and make sure that whether  


It’s your workout,

Your body,

Your happiness,

or Your life


That it just 


"keeps getting better!"