The Oxbridge Throwdown 2015

For three years now 4 Crossfit Boxes within the Oxford and Cambridge area:

  • Crossfit Oxford Originals
  • Crossfit Cambridge
  • Crossfit TAC (The Athlete Centre)
  • Crossfit Stags & Does

Compete annually in the event 'The Oxbridge Throwdown' where each box enters teams to undertake the "Throwdown" to raise money for the Charity "Help the Heroes" with a fair few of the organisers having a military background the Charity is a fitting cause!! The event captures the spirit of the CrossFit community where the day revolves around camaraderie, competition and a BBQ to finish. 

Each year since the start we re-design the ever evolving logo for the Event T Shirt which helps towards raising money for the Charity that these four boxes have come together to support, below is an image of the evolution. 

This year it has been decided to also help and reach out to the community that follows us and ask for your support by purchasing a T Shirt and donate towards the cause that these four boxes support "Help for Heroes" all profits from sales will go directly to the helping raise money for the Charity. Please follow the link below and read the details in the description. 


Thank You. 


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