Beasting the Black Dog


It's awesome the people you're able to meet through things such as twitter and Facebook ... here's an example. Ben was introduced to us by a loyal KGB customer who thought his awesome story really illustrated our KGB beliefs. His name's Ben Blagrove an ex pro rugby player turned teacher and he is pretty awesome guy. Follow him and you'll realize it too, just like us (@bbfb10).  
But don't just believe us... hear his story below. #KGB




Beasting the black dog

By Ben Blagrove



I have been suffering from depression now for nearly two years, over that period of time, there have been some very dark moments, and the only thing that has helped get me through these dark times has been the gym. 

The gym is a constant.  It is always there.  It never says no.  It never gets upset. 

Each day the gym is there for me, waiting for me to arrive and to give it my best shot.  The gym takes everything I’ve got and still wants more.

Each time I feel down or in a dark mood, a depressive state I know that all I have to do is to pick up my bag and head to the gym. It’s a cliché, but working out is a great anti-depressant. 

Each workout demands more, one more rep, one more set and through this demand for more it is possible to see how my workouts and my depression are linked.  As my workouts have increased in intensity, my depression symptoms have, generally, lessened.  Of course I still have bad days, even bad weeks, but these are becoming fewer, and the time between them is growing.  I totally believe that challenging myself in the gym gives me something to focus on; something to aim for, measuring my workouts shows my progress. Each lb I lose, each kg I add to the bar, each metre further, each second shaved off shows me that my progress ‘Keeps Getting Better’.

I may not be where I want to be yet, but through hard work each day my life ‘Keeps Getting Better’




I think this shows just how much of a powerful weapon exercise can be in our life and how it can help sculpt a better body and mind, Ben's story shows this.

Check out Ben's Blog about how's beasting the Black dog every step of the way. 



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