The KGB DoubleFRAN offer!

July 10, 2013

With the new KGB designs on their way, its time to make room!


In true CrossFit style, we're running an offer in rounds, and you need to go as fast as you can to win big! Its double FRAN, so instead of 21-15-9 its 42-30-18 but as a % off your purchases.


Day 1 (10/07/2013) Get 42% OFF until midnight!

Day 2 (11/07/2013) Get 30% OFF 

Day 3 (12/07/2013) Get 18% OFF


So the quicker you act, the more you're going to save! Offer applies to everything on the site except the pre-order items, so grab a Vest, T-shirt, shorts, socks, hoodies and we'll throw in a wristband with every order too!



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