A true inspiration and a complete nutter but ultimately a great bloke.


Meet our mate Jamie McDonald. He’s a local when it comes to Keeps Getting Better, living just a few miles from our HQ. Except he hasn’t been home in a while.

Jamie is inspirational to KGB as well as this world as he is running across Canada, alone, unsupported with his own pair of trainers on his feet. No fancy apparel sponsors paying his way, just a massive heart for kids who are sick and raising money for their treatments. When it came to choosing how he was going to do this, as Jamie said in the video “what do you see on a child face when they are running?”… “smiles”. That’s what he aims to see ultimately, and he is seeking to complete the ultimate run to get closer to this.

So you’re thinking, once a runner, always a runner. But no, Jamie had practically no running experience or training before this record breaking attempt. You could say bikes were more his thing, after cycling from Bangkok to Gloucester then breaking the world record for time cycling on a static bike 265 hours, THAT'S OVER 11 DAYS!! Not only this during his mammoth Marathon run, he also then aims to raise £60,000 for the Pied Piper Appeal UK and  Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital London, as well as $40,000 for Sick Kids Canada. These charities are close to his heart and do wonderful wonderful things.

Jamie began this trip of a lifetime in March of this year, and hopes to have completed the 5,000 miles across the beautiful country by the time his visa runs out, in December. He is solely doing this for your donations, and so we must donate!

Jamie McDonald eat, breathes and sleeps the essence of 'Keeps Getting Better' but not for his benefit, it's for the benefit of the children and families these awesome charities support.

Imagine flying to Canada, and then running. A marathon a day.

3 incredible charities.

1 absolutely inspirational man.

Im not going to write much more as i'm going to let the man himself share his amazing story with you. I guarantee once you've watched one video and read one post you'll be hooked on following this inspirational man.

 You can find out more about him and watch more of his crazy videos here! http://www.jamiemcdonald.org

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To play our part in helping him reach his goal for these amazing charities we will be donating £2.50 from each sale of our new 'KGB' Kids T-shirts and on top of that 10% of each sale on the site until the 9th September 2013 will also be donated.

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